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2022-2023 Snowboard Gear Preview

The year is 2023, and snowboarding is settled. Like post-storm pow, laying cold and deep. The sport has weathered over three decades of missteps, hostile takeovers, and regrettable makeovers to emerge stronger than ever. Secure in its own skin. Not like it needs a pep talk, but you could say snowboarding “gots this.”  

We’ve been lucky enough to spend some time with next season’s snowboard gear and we’re stoked to be able to share our impressions with you. Snowboarding’s ever-expanding umbrella covers pretty much everything: from Arbor to Yes., from arrowheaded, swallowtailed swoopers to chonky chunder shovels, from precision piste instruments to eff-around-and-find-out flailers, there really is something for every rider. Whether you're in the market for a new board, bindings, boots, a pow surfer, or the whole shabang, we’ve seen the future, and it’s still the most fun on the planet! 

Once you've gotten the lowdown on your favorite brands, head over to our Field Tested Reviews for a deep dive on 2023's most hotly anticipated gear.

2023 Arbor Snowboards

2023 Arbor Snowboards
Arbor’s 2023 snowboard lineup is looking dialed with some new models, some improvements to existing boards, and characteristically clean, woodsy topsheet art all around. 

The Satori is a new pro model board from the man, the legend, Brian Iguchi. The new whip reflects Iguchi’s own evolving approach to riding. This short, wide freestyle-focused pow chomper has a deep sidecut and a fun, friendly character. Sign us up! Laid up with traditional camber, this board is available in both split and youth versions, too. Speaking of splits, we’re also hyped on the new Landmark Split. Available in unisex-ish sizing down to a 152 with either rocker or camber, this backcountry board offers a great blend of quality features and value for riders of all stripes. 

Elsewhere, look out for the new Westmark, which receives a brand new tip and tail profile for a more refined, poppy, and powerful ride. Last but not least, don’t sleep on evo ambassador Erik Leon’s pro model Relapse. This board is all about getting people into the sport, reducing barriers to entry, and inspiring more sustainable manufacturing. It also comes with one of our favorite graphics!
  • New  Satori Board / Split / Youth Board  
  • New  Landmark Split
  • Updated  Westmark Board


2023 Bataleon Snowboards & Bindings

2023 Bataleon Snowboards
The big news at Bataleon is the expansion of their +Series line. The Party Wave+ has been joined by the all new Goliath+, Evil Twin+, and Disastor+. All +Series boards feature Bataleon’s most cutting edge construction techniques and materials. Think lighter wood cores, carbon stringers, upgraded glass, and the fastest base material in the known universe. 

We’re also super jazzed to ride the new Party Wave Twin, which takes the now ubiquitous volume shifted philosophy to a twin outline shape. This should deliver super fun, playful riding no matter what the conditions are. Last but not least, check out the all new Cruiser - a directional board that can be ridden slightly longer thanks to an elongated nose. This all mountain resort ripper does exactly what it says on the tin!
  • New  +Series Boards: Goliath+ / Evil Twin+ / Disastor+
  • New  Party Wave Twin Board
  • New  Cruiser Board

2023 Bent Metal Snowboard Bindings

Bent Metal drop a sweet looking new youth binding for 2023, the BMX. This pint-sized binding includes the same key features as BM's adult bindings but sized down to fit smaller feet and narrower boards. Elsewhere, last year's new unisex Bolt binding continues to be one of our faves, and there are some charicteristically awesome pro-model colorways to look forward to (Shoutout Forest Bailey and Hannah Eddy!) 
  • New BMX Youth Binding

2023 Burton Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2023 Burton Snowboards

We’re always excited to see what Burton have up their sleeve and 2023 does not disappoint. The Family Tree series continues to grow with three new boards: the Forager, First Cut, and Territory Manager. The Forager is a playful, directional board with a deep swallowtail and an insatiable thirst for pow. The First Cut is a little more aggro - a stiff big mountain beast that thrives in steep, puckering terrain. Finally, the Territory Manager is a tapered twin that offers tons of stability and float with a freestyle bent. Think, the board you’ll want to ride through dreamy pow glades all the way out to that big sidecountry booter. Sticking with new boards, the Good Company is a fresh looking twin with traditional camber and bags of all terrain capability. 

On the boot front, there’s a couple new options in the world of Step On, and the women’s Limelight BOA and Limelight BOA Step On get new wide options. Gotta let those feet breathe!

Among a host of rad looking topsheets - check out the Deep Thinker and Free Thinker for our favorite graphics of the season - it’s the simple things that stand out. For 2023, Burton have used ‘Jake Blue’ as an accent color across the Family Tree line, boots, and bindings. Gets us right in the feels. Is someone cutting onions in here?!
  • NewFamily Tree Boards: Forager, First Cut, and Territory Manager
  • NewGood Company Board


2023 CAPiTA Snowboards & Splitboards

2023 Capita Snowboards

You’re over lift lines, we’re over lift lines, and Capita are over lift lines. That can only mean one thing: more Splitboards! For 2023, Capita take the hacksaw to two fan favorites. The Mega Split combines the shape of the Mercury with the premium construction of the Mega Merc, resulting in a lightweight skin track crusher that delivers top-end downhill performance. The Powder Racer Split takes a more laid back approach, turning one of Capita’s best selling shapes from the acclaimed Ultralight Powder Displacement Snowcraft Collection into a pow thirsty split. Not to be outdone, the Neo Slasher Split is upgraded with a new Ascend Split Core™. Tasty!

Elsewhere, the Mega Merc gets three new wide models, and the Spring Break Slush Slasher gets a full makeover. A mainstay of the goofin’ around scene, the new Slush Slasher comes with a deeper sidecut and positive camber underfoot for improved freestyle and carving performance. 

Last but not least is a new powder-specific board for the little shredder in your life. Boasting a progressive shape and Surf Rocker camber profile, the Children of the Pow provides "tween-age" young guns with the float they need to demolish your favorite pow stash before you get there. Those pesky kids!

  • New Splitboards: Mega & Powder Racer Splits
  • New Slush Slasher Shape
  • New Children of the Pow Kids’ Snowboard

2023 GNU Snowboards

2023 Gnu Snowboards
Gnu have some nice looking boards up their sleeves for 2023. The new 4x4 from Forrest Bailey is a directional, all terrain beast described as  “a street master’s big mountain stick”, which sounds just dandy to us. Expect this board to pop up on spicy looking lines everywhere this side of Revelstoke. Sticking with team riders, Jamie Anderson’s Free Spirit is updated with a new slimmed down shape and bigger sizes, and the Barrett gets one of our favorite topsheets of the year. A portion of proceeds from the Barrett is donated to Boarding for Breast Cancer, too!

The other big Gnu news (Gnuws? Gnews?) comes from the skin track, with two new splits. The Barrett Split and Banked Country Split both combine a floaty, pow-friendly nose with all terrain capability to get you through the sketchier stuff. 
  • New 4X4 Snowboard - Forrest Bailey pro-model
  • Updated Free Spirit Snowboard 
  • New Barrett Splitboard
  • New Banked Country Splitboard

2023 Jones Snowboards & Splitboards

2023 Jones Snowboards

Jones drop in on the new season with a fresh freestyle offering, the Tweaker. This softer flexing true twin comes with a unique double radius nose and tail designed to maximize the running length of the blunted shape. This board is an all mountain freestyle machine! On the women’s side, the Airheart has been completely overhauled. The Airheart 2.0 gets a new blunt nose and tail shape, along with Koroyd in the nose to reduce swing weight. Elsewhere the Mind Expander family returns with a new Surf Camber Rocker profile and a super clean looking graphic.

It wouldn’t be Jones if there wasn’t a new split or two to discuss, and this one’s a beaut. The Stratos is one of our favorite all mountain boards of the last couple seasons, so we’re stoked to check out the new Stratos Split and Ultra Stratos Split. Both boards are a fine choice for all conditions touring, and should bring the same do anything, go anywhere freeride energy to backcountry. The Ultra comes with Jones’ premium layup for more technical backcountry missions.
  • New Tweaker Snowboard
  • Updated Airheart 2.0 Snowboard
  • Updated Mind Expander Snowboard & Split
  • New Stratos & Ultra Stratos Splits

2023 K2 Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2023 K2 Snowboards
K2 have some awesome new products in the works for 2022/23. The big story is the new K2 Landscape Collection. This series incorporates some old favorites and new upstarts into a cohesive 6-board collection designed to represent every freerider and every riding style. Existing boards in the Landscape Collection include the Alchemist, Excavator, Manifest, and Instrument, with two new boards joining the fold: the Antidote and the Passport. The Antidote is an all purpose resort freestyler with 3D base contouring, while the Passport is a more directional proposition with up to 8mm of taper.. You can’t go wrong with either board, depending on your preferred style, and both come in legit unisex sizing. Yeah!

Elsewhere, the new Trance Women’s boots look fantastic, offering a medium stiff all terrain fit with zonal BOA closure. K2 are always on top with rad colors, check out the new Landscape boot colorways (several styles) to make your feet pop this season!
  • New Landscape Collection - Alchemist, Excavator, Manifest, Instrument, Antidote, and Passport
  • NewTrance Women's Boots

2023 Lib Tech Snowboards & Splitboards

2023 Lib Tech Snowboards

Lib Tech, the OG banana riders. Dream-weavers from the misty PNW. They’re still at it, still turning hunks of wood, metal and resin into magic. Water into wine. We’ll start with a few Lib doozies you might already have caught out in the wild. The new T-Rice, Golden Orca, and Rasman snowboards are slated to show up early to coincide with Natural Selection, and they’re totally dialed. Stare at the Golden Orca for a few seconds and try not to feel your soul gushing out of every pore in pure ecstasy.

What’s old is new again, and nothing says “the 90s are cool again” like shredding your local hill on the new (old) Jamie Lynn ‘96. If you were too young to see the man himself drag freestyle snowboarding into the public consciousness, a few laps on this full camber park crusher will tell you everything you need to know. An instant classic (again). Elsewhere, old favorites like the Lost Retro Ripper and Lost Quiver Killer are updated with refined shapes and tweaked sidecut profiles for improved carving.
  • Early ReleaseT-Rice, Golden Orca, & Rasman Snowboards
  • New Jamie Lynn '96 Snowboard
  • UpdatedLost Retro Ripper Lost & Quiver Killer Snowboards

2023 Never Summer Snowboards

2023 Never Summer Snowboards

2023 is looking good for the ladies of Never Summer, with two new boards and a split to look forward to. The Lady FR is a directional freeride board with Never Summer’s awesome new Triple Camber Profile and a high performance build. Instead of being a watered down men’s shape, this one is a totally unique shape for women - a smooth riding, confidence inspiring freerider for ladies who rip! The new Protoslinger is a jibby, asymmetrical freestyle twin that mirrors the existing men’s board with sizing for smaller bodies. Finally, there’s the Lady FR Split, which takes a hacksaw to the Lady FR for those who prefer to earn their turns. On the men’s side, the new ProtoUltra looks like an awesome all mountain twin. This one is also constructed with Triple Camber, and offers a fairly stiff, powerful ride for the sendier freeriders among us. 

  • NewLady FR Women's Snowboard
  • NewProtoslinger Women's Snowboard
  • NewLady FR Split Women's Splitboard
  • NewProtoUltra Women's Snowboard

2023 Nidecker Snowboards

It’s not often that something truly revolutionary comes along in the world of snowboard bindings, but Nidecker have done it with the Supermatic. This model is the first binding to feature their all new Drop In Technology, an innovative entry system that allows you to drop your boot in without bending down to adjust the straps and buckles.  

Getting in and out of the binding is super easy. As you recline the highback, the straps are actively lifted out of the way. When you step in, a heel pedal activates the closing mechanism to lock everything in place. When it’s time to go, hit the lever on the side to unlock and lift your boot right out. Simple! As well as being crazy convenient, the Supermatic offers a stiff flex and a responsive ride, making it a great choice for advanced riders looking to make life a little easier.

Nidecker have made some nice updates to their snowboard line, too. The Escape gets more progressive shaping for riders looking to have fun on any terrain, and then there's the all new Escape Plus. This premium freeride board has the same updated shape as the Escape with full camber for maximum power and all mountain capability. But wait, there's more! Nidecker's first Splitboard is here and it's also based on the Escape. The Escape Split combines premium materials with an easygoing nature to make the backcountry more accessible than ever.
  • NewEscape Plus Snowboard
  • NewEscape Split Splitboard
  • UpdatedEscape Snowboard
  • NewSupermatic Bindings

2023 Nitro Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2023 Nitro Quiver Series Snowboards

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the genre-busting Quiver Series, and Nitro mark the occasion in typical style. The bestselling Quiver Slash and Quiver Slash Split get a redesign with 3D Surf Tech shape construction, and the all new Quiver Dinghy looks set to shake things up for pow hungry riders with larger feet. This tapered directional board is a wide, swallow-tailed beauty!

Splitboarding is another huge story for Nitro with a couple new splits and a fantastic looking women’s splitboard boot optimized for touring. Resort ready and skin track happy - you can’t beat the Ronda Splitboard Boot if you’re earning your turns this season. New splitboards include the Vertical, billed as a high performance, high alpine speed demon, and the Team, a versatile shape designed to satisfy a huge range of riders and styles. All Nitro splitboard models have precut KOHLA skins available to purchase separately - a nice touch in our book.

Continuing with the new-new is a women’s version of last year’s asym twin release, the Optisym, and the Karma, a lightweight carving dream-machine. Meanwhile, Sam Taxwood gets a sweet looking pro-model board and the Pantera gets a makeover. They call it the ultimate speed machine, and we believe them!

On the binding front, the big news is an all singing, all dancing, all terrain ripper called the One. Aside from offering dialed performance for your all mountain setup, the One looks absolutely stunning. Check out the ‘Nice View’ and ‘All Eyes On Me’ colorways. It’s ok to weep.

Finally, Nitro have a number of new boots hitting the market. Two new Step On boots work seamlessly with Burton Step On bindings - check out the men’s Profile TLS or the women’s Cave TLS if you’re a fan of comfort, convenience, and performance (who isn’t?). Other new boots include the Discover for dudes, and the Scala for ladies. 

Heck of a year, Nitro. Maybe let everyone take 2024 off, jeez.

  • New Quiver Dinghy Snowboard
  • Updated Quiver Slash Snowboard
  • New Vertical Splitboard 
  • NewTeam Splitboard
  • New Ronda Women's Splitboard Boot
  • Updated Pantera Snowboard
  • NewOptysim Women’s Snowboard
  • New One Bindings
  • NewDiscover Boot
  • NewScala Women’s Boot  
  • New Profile TLS & Cave TLS Step On Boots

2023 Ride Snowboards, Boots & Bindings

2023 Ride Snowboards


Although 2023 isn’t a huge year for new releases, Ride do have a few nice looking additions to the line. The Peace Seeker is a fast looking tapered directional board with extra camber, perfect for groomer zooming, pow surfing, and everything in between. The Shadowban is a mellower prospect, a quiver killing directional twin that you can trust any day of the season.  

Elsewhere, there are small tweaks to existing products. New highbacks on the C-4 bindings here, a new toecap on the Fuse boot there. Nothing revolutionary, perhaps, but exactly the kind of updates that keep Ride at the technological forefront.

One the the stories we’re stoked to see develop in 2023 is the expansion of unisex gear, and Ride are leading the way. Next year they have even more boards and bindings available in full size runs, because your snowboard couldn’t care less which pronouns you use. It’s a great development for snowboarding, and we’re excited to see big players like Ride throw their weight behind the concept. Right on! 

  • NewPeace Seeker Snowboard
  • New Shadowban Snowboard 
  • UpdatedC-4 Binding 
  • UpdatedFuse Boot
  • More Unisex Sizing Options for Boards & Bindings

2023 Rome Snowboards & Bindings

2023 Rome Snowboards

Happy 20th anniversary Rome! We’ve loved watching you grow as a company. To celebrate, look out for some cool celebration graphics on the Agent and an updated shape featuring Double Kick tech, along with a special edition 390 Boss binding that features the OG graphic, and some sweet new clothing. Another favorite snowboard, the Artifact, gets a pro model! The Artifact Pro is made with flex impact plates, a SinterStrong Base, Carbon Hot Rods, and functions as Rome’s premium park and street destroyer.

In snowboard tech, Rome introduces flax walls and flax impact plates on some of its models. The walls offer rigidity and stability that runs vertically along the laminates. Flax impact plates offer stability and longevity under your bindings, so you can stomp big tricks and ride out smoothly after it's all over.

On the binding front, Rome introduces Bombproof Buckles and Fast entry straps to some of its models. New buckles add overall durability to the binding, while the fast entry straps serve to make strapping in easier. Their pre-curved ladder on the ankle and toe strap are designed to pop open and keep the straps out of your way during transitions.
  • NewArtifact Pro snowboard
  • UpdatedAgent snowboard
  • NewFlax Wall and Impact Plate board tech
  • NewBombproof Buckles and Fast Entry Strap binding tech

2023 Salomon Snowboards, Boots & Bindings


After a quiet year for new releases in 2022, Salomon have decided to jump off the deep end in 2023. There’s a ton to get through, so go to the bathroom, grab a snack, and buckle up!

2023 sees a renewed focus on sustainability, and Salomon are going big on environmentally friendly practices and materials. The new Highpath all mountain snowboard and Echo boots are engineered with Salomon’s most advanced, sustainable construction techniques to date. Made with bio-based materials and more recycled content than ever, this is high performance gear that you can rep with pride.

Salomon’s new Abstract snowboard is a great example of the ever-growing trend for Unisex gear. Laid up with a beautiful topsheet from team rider, Desiree Melancon, this mid-flexing freestyle board comes in a huge range of sizes to accommodate all riders. We’re also stoked to try out the latest Hillside Project creation. The HPS Wolle Nyvelt Fish comes with a tapered fish tail design for the deepest of the deep. Upgrades to existing boards include new versions of the Sight and Super 8 Pro, and for the little ripper in your crew there’s the new Dancehaul Grom snowboard. Good luck keeping up!

For the splitboarders out there, the new Highpath Split looks like a treat. Just like the solid version, this split utilizes Salomon’s most sustainable construction in a high-performance directional tapered shape. Also new is the HPS Taka Split 2.0, which brings uphill capabilities to one of their most buoyant powder shapes. Look out for the new Bellevue Split and Premiere Split, too!

Salomon’s boot and bindings selections are characteristically dialed for 2023, and continue the eco-friendly theme. Check out the new Malamute or Malamute Double BOA boots for a stiff, responsive ride that comes Mother Nature approved. For bindings, the new District Pro Team looks like a great choice for freestyle inclined riders. This one came out of Salomon athletes Frankensteining different bindings together to create their perfect ride. The new Nesta binding is a great all mountain option for ladies, and there are updated versions of the Rhythm for both guys and gals. 

  • NewEcho Boot
  • NewHighpath Snowboard & Split
  • NewAbstract Snowboard 
  • NewHPS Wolle Nyvelt Fish Snowboard
  • UpdatedSight & Super 8 Snowboards
  • New HPS Taka Split 2.0
  • NewMalamute & Malamute Double BOA Boots
  • New District Team Pro Binding
  • New Nesta Binding
  • UpdatedRhythm Binding
  • NewDancehaul Grom Snowboard

2023 Season Snowboards

2023 Season Snowboards

Season stick with the same five board lineup for 2023, which is just fine by us. Their simple, targeted line includes four solid boards for all occasions - the all terrain Nexus, the swallowtail-shaped Forma, the powerful Aero, and the freestyle-focused Kin - along with the lightweight Pass splitboard. 

All Season snowboards come in full unisex size runs, which we're huge fans of. Catagorizing snowboards by intended purpose and construction eliminates the pressure that people of all identities sometimes feel to pick gender conforming gear. The reality is, your height & weight, style, and goals affect what snowboard you should choose, not your chromosomes.

Season's commitment to simple, long-lasting gear sees their signature black topsheets return across the product line. That means your Season snowboard will never look out of date or out of style. Not only that, evo has partnered with Season to offer a special lifetime service benefit, extending the life of your gear as long as possible. Learn more here.

If you haven't tried Season yet, now is the time!

2023 Union Snowboard Bindings

2023 Union Snowboard Bindings

Union keep their boots on the gas in 2023 with a number of notable additions to the lineup. First up is the all new Ultra, which is available in both men’s and women’s versions. This freestyle focused binding represents the cutting edge of Union’s technology, stacked to the gills with fresh hardware that promises reactive dampening characteristics. It’s straight from the future and it looks the part, too. Check out the slick looking ‘Violet’ colorway. I mean come on! The new Atlas Pro is a lighter, stiffer version of the popular Atlas binding that comes with new S14 Duraflex CB highbacks for instant edge to edge response. 

Union always have something up their sleeve for the earn-your-turns crowd, and the new Charger splitboard binding does not disappoint. This all new pinless dual lock system allows for rapid transitions with the flip of a lever. That means more time riding and less time spiraling into madness as you fumble with your bindings! If you can’t tear yourself away from your favorite solid board, the Rover Carbon approach skis might be your jam! Last but not least, Union are offering the Juliet binding in a striking lavender colorway in support of Boarding for Breast Cancer (B4BC).
  • New Ultra Binding 
  • New Charger Split Binding
  • NewRover Carbon Approach Skis 

2023 Vans Snowboard Boots

Things are looking great for Vans in 2023, with some exciting new boots, spicy colorways, and everything positively dripping in Vans style. Hana Beaman drops in with a new pro model that celebrates her 20 years (!!!) with Vans. The Hana Beaman One & Done is a backcountry-ready performance boot reflecting Hana’s progression toward bigger lines and remote locations. A burly but smooth flex, 3/4 height gaiters, and a Hybrid Boa lace/coil system are just some of the highlights. Sticking with the backcountry theme is the new Brian Iguchi approved Verse Range. This upgraded version of the Verse is designed to support uphill travel with an Adaptive Range Mode for easier skinning or booting. What this equates to in practice is an innovative rear drop-cuff that can be unlocked, widening the top of the boot for a significantly expanded range of motion. On the tech front, all Vans pro-model boots now come with their latest V3 SuperEnduro Outsole, designed to offer maximum performance both in and out of your bindings. Nice!
  • New Hana Beaman One & Done Boots
  • New Verse Range Boots

2023 YES. Snowboards

2023 Yes. Snowboards

If it ain't broken, why fix it? There ain't much broken with the Yes line so things continue on in the same vein for 2023: awesome boards with poppy graphics. One thing that did need fixing has been addressed, so we're stoked to see new women's and kid's versions of their flagship all mountain twin, the Basic. The women’s and kid's Basic boards offer the same user-friendly performance of the men's Basic in a slimmed down shape better suited to smaller riders. 
  • New Basic Snowboard - Women's & Kid's

Whether you're buying your first snowboard or your 50th, these 2023 snowboards, boots, and bindings provide a ton of great options. From awesome variety of fun directional shapes, to the continued development of women's boards, there is truly a snowboard for every type of rider in 2023. These products are just a small preview of the 2022/2023 snowboard gear, too, with much more set to come through the pipeline as Winter approaches. Stay tuned here at to catch the new gear as it's released.

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