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The 10 Best Skis of 2021-2022, Men's & Women's Top Picks

In the good old days, magazines would crown a “Ski of the Year” - one ski to rule them all. And then everyone would go out and buy that ski because it was the “best” regardless of how well it fit their personal needs. Luckily, these days, brands have diversified and are making a huge range of skis to fit the whole spectrum of skiers on the mountain. So there’s no best ski on the market, instead, there’s the best ski for you, the ski that will match your conditions and skiing style the best, and bring the biggest smile to your face. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best skis of 2022 that are fresh on the market for this winter. We don’t think that every ski on this list is inherently better for everyone than every other ski on this list. Instead, these are the skis that stand out in their respective categories, the skis that have the broadest appeal and the most versatile performance.

As with every year, the technology going into skis is only getting better and progressing. New skis are getting lighter, more versatile, and simply more fun - and the difference in this year’s offerings from the best ski brands from those that were current even just five years ago is vast. So read on to figure out which of these skis makes the most sense for you, because at the end of the day, that’s the point.

Season Kin - Men's & Women's

The best skis of 2021-2022

evo and Season consider themselves “family,” and the Kin is something our buying team has been in search of for quite some time - an all-mountain twin with enough guts to handle high speeds while remaining playful enough to stomp freestyle moves all over the hill.

The Eric Pollard designed Kin is Season’s answer, and we think they knocked it out of the park - literally! This is a 97mm do anything, go anywhere ripper that’s sure to quench your thirst for creativity. If you’re the kind of skier who has an eye for natural features, knows where all the best side hits are, and never fails to close out with a couple of laps through the park, this is the ski for you.

Like all Season skis, Kin is offered in unisex sizes and engineered for maximum durability.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
95 mm163, 175, 181$549

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Armada ARW 106 UL - Men & Women's

The best skis of 2021-2022

The trend towards lightweight, surfy freeride skis that started with the JJ Ultralight continues at Armada, and this new ARW 106 Ultra Light W is a good example. The 106 UL performs like a wider pow ski on fresh snow, a result of a deep rocker profile and “Smear Tech” beveled tips and tails, but without the massive width of a pow-day-only ski. It’s still aimed at soft snow performance, but a better “quiver of one” choice at 106 millimeters. And, with lengths up to 188 cm, it’s a great choice for both male, and female skiers.

The Caruba core and lightweight layup add extra dexterity making this one of the best skis for trees and the potential to mount the 106 UL up with a touring binding for maximum backcountry versatility.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
106 mm164, 172, 180, 188$699.95

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Armada Reliance 92 Ti - Women's

The best skis of 2021-2022

The Reliance 92 Ti is an impressive new all-mountain ski designed for women, by women. Armada drew on an extensive network of athletes, instructors, and guides for feedback throughout the R&D process, and the results speak for themselves in a ski that refuses to compromise on downhill power and performance.

The secret lies in Armada’s Articulated Titanal Banding construction. By adding an elastic compound to vertical cutouts in an otherwise burly titanal layer, Armada succeeded in ramping up torsional strength and horsepower without the “dead” feel that some metal skis suffer from.

If you’re looking for an energetic ski that combines power and precision with instantaneous response, the Reliance 92 Ti is a top choice

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
92 mm156, 164, 172$649.95

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Head Kore 95

Best 2021-2022 skis

The greatness of the Kore 105 isn’t exactly news, but it’s been tweaked this year by chamfering the top edge profile to make the ski more playful. Another welcome change, the Kore 105 is now available in 5 lengths instead of 4, with reduced length increments from 9 to 7cm to make it easier to find the right ski.

Even with these changes, it still skis like a Head, which is to say it loves speed and feels most at home when it’s ripping - but it does so in an extremely lightweight package that gets its power from two layers of carbon and Graphene at the tips and tails.

If you love to charge but want to lighten up the load on your feet, or you’re looking for a super stable touring option, the Kore 105 is a great pick.

Width (mmLengths (cm) Original Price
95170, 177, 184$749

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Black Crows Atris Birdie - Women's

The best skis of 2021-2022

The Black Crows Atris Birdie is a playful do-everything ski. That means it’s happy to tackle icy mogul runs or untouched backcountry pow. No matter what you throw at it, the Atris Birdie will buckle down and get to work making your skiing more fun. The 108 mm waist strikes a nice balance between maneuverability and float, it will hold up on those deep days, without feeling ridiculous when it hasn’t snowed in a week.

If you like to go fast, jump off of things, and make the most of whatever conditions the mountain happens to throw at you, the Atris birdie has your back.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
108 mm160, 169, 178$839.95

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Blizzard Sheeva 10 - Women's

The best 2022 skis

Blizzard is one of the top skis brands, and the Sheeva 10 is their take on a versatile quiver-of-one for female skiers. And, just by the numbers, they hit the nail on the head. The 102 mm width is plenty of pow days at east coast resorts, and the tip and tail rocker keep things playful, while a specially shaped titinal insert lends its backbone to the ski when things get fast and rough. The Sheeva 10 is a very approachable ski with a high top end. It’s not a handful when you’re bopping around flatter mellow runs, but when it comes time to turn things up to 11, it’s a stable, reliable ride.

The Sheeva 10 is a great choice for female skiers who like to go fast, and want to be able to grab the same ski every day, regardless of the weather.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
102 mm156, 164$649.95

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Dynastar M-Free 99

The best 2022 skis

Is the Dynastar M-Free 99 just a fatter park ski that can take on the whole mountain? Or is it a shrunk-down version of its wider sibling, the M-Free 108? Well, it’s both and more. The M-Free 99 is a powerful, playful ski that can do just about anything. Tip and tail rocker mean it handles fresh snow well, and the layup and core make for a very damp, stable ski that absorbs chatter from the snow smoothly. So, when you don’t get enough snow to justify the M-Free 108, but still want to ski fast, jump off things, and play around on every run, the M-Free 99 has you covered.

Slide that rail, tap that tree, and boost off that rock, the M-Free 99 is here for it all.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
99 mm179, 185$599.95

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Völkl M6 Mantra

The best 2022 skis

The Völkl M6 Mantra blurs the lines between frontside carver and all-mountain charger. They’ve got the stiff core and metal inserts to rip groomers as fast as you dare, but that’s combined with a width and rocker profile that allows them to eat up bumped-out ungroomed runs and even enjoy the occasional pow stash. That makes them hard to quantify, but that’s ok because a wide range of skiers will get along with the Mantra. They’re a great step up, for racy skiers looking for an all-mountain ride, and they’re a great intro to more directional skis for more playful skiers.

No matter where you’re coming from, the M6 Mantra just makes sense, maybe that’s why it’s been a mainstay for so long.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
96 mm163, 170, 177, 184, 191$699.99

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Line Skis Pandora 94 - Women's

The best 2022 skis

For a long time, the Line Skis Pandora series has defined what it means to be a versatile women’s ski, and the Pandora 94 continues in that legacy. The Pandora is very light, so light that it would make a great touring ski, but its consistent ride and ability to carve make it a great inbounds ski as well. Line uses carbon throughout the ski to cut weight while still preserving its energetic ride, and the early rise tips and tails help keep the ski playful. That combination means a whole bunch of ladies will be very happy on the Pandora, and their affordable price makes them an even easier choice.

Don’t worry about opening Pandora’s box, Line has already done it for you, and instead of miseries, the result is a great ski.

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
94 mm151, 158, 165, 172$499.95

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Black Crows Serpo

The best 2022 skis

Black Crows build on the huge success of last year's Justis by bringing their little brother into the fold for 2022. The Serpo scales the Justis shape down to a 93mm waist for a quicker, more agile package aimed at skiers who ply their trade more on-piste than off. The powerful Poplar wood core is backed up with a double “H” Titanal laminate for stability and power, along with a toned-down tail rocker profile that facilitates edge hold on firm snow.

The Serpo makes a fantastic East Coast daily driver, but with its combination of hard snow composure and soft snow adaptability, it’ll be just fine in western areas, too. This one will make a lot of skiers happy!

WidthLengths (cm) Original Price
93 mm168, 174, 180, 186$839.95

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